Hey guys.

Sorry but I've moved blogs. Only because I want to start fresh again that and I was unactive for way too long.

On my new blog, I hope to post what I have done before but with more Radiohead. Yay. That and I may or may not post trigger-y things because I want to express who I really am on my blog rather than someone who I'm not.

See...I would link my new blog url but I don't want certain people to figure out I'm going to reblog/post what I will.

And thus. I suggest you either message me on here - I will come on here just to check my messages. Nothing more. - or on any other social media you know me on. Such as Facebook, Wattpad, Youtube, etc.

If you wish to no longer communicate/follow me on tumblr, then I wish you the best in life and goodbye.

Otherwise, do as I instructed and I'll send you the url to my new blog. Again, remember, I may or may not post trigger-y things and morbidity. Further questions, message me.

Until then.

-Jas. Aka, lachuntaritastyle